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According to Khabar Khodro, deputy of Saipa CEO has announced the production of 1200 units of Tiba and Tiba 2 per day until the end of this year and said, "According to plans of this group, X100 products would eventually reduce and manufacturing vehicles based on X200 platform including Tiba and Tiba 2 would be increased."
According to Khabar Khodro, Secretary of Parts Makers Association mentioned to the growth of cars' production in this year and told, "In first 4 months of this year we had about 75 percent increase in cars' production compared to same time last year, which is acceptable considering the plans of Ministry of Industry and Mine and automakers."

According to Khabar Khodro, Saipa Auto Group has restarted the replacement of old cars after a short pause, in order to obey government's focus on replacing old cars in country and helping reduction of air pollution in big cities.

According to Khabar Khodro, the CEO of Govah Company said, "We could improve our place in after sales services with our efforts in recent five years as based on evaluations done by ISQI, the rate of Govah with some improvements compared to 89 is reached to second place from 9th."

According to Khabar Khodro, Considering final preparations of Rich production lines the mass production of the car has started from Mordad of this year.

According to Khabar Khodro, the CEO of Saipa explained that the role of old and carburetor cars is so big in air pollution of cities.

According to Khabar Khodro, member of board of directors in Commission of Industries and Mines in Parliament told, "At the meeting hold with board of directors in Commission of Industries and Mines, Minister of Industry and Mine, A three-member review committee on auto prices and officials of automakers, it was decided that automakers reduce the prices of high circulation vehicles by 5 percent and Commission of Industries in Parliament has promised to support companies in supplying ingredients with good prices and in short time."

According to Khabar Khodro, Assistant of after sales services in Isaco has explained the details of regaining first rate of after sales services by automakers.

According to Khabar Khodro, observer member of Council of Competitiveness said, "Still there are talks about cars' prices in council of competitiveness and there is no final decision yet."

According to Khabar Khodro, Iran Khodro Industrial Group wants to recall products that need more technical review in order to respect costumers and improve its image publically.

According to Khabar Khodro, Isaco has again reached the first place of the after sales services among other automakers.

According to Khabar Khodro, the CEO of Saipa has announced the goal of protecting and increasing production in this group and said, "Fortunately, our efforts have resulted in moving away from tensions and entering a consistent situation."

According to Khabar Khodro, the CEO of Saipa has announced the improvement of conditions and Saipa's stock prices in next two months and said, "Considering booming condition we would certainly see improvement in Saipa's stock."

According to Khabar Khodro, Annual General Assembly of Pars Khodro has been hold in Thursday 26 of Tir with presence of more than 75 percent of equity owners and their legal representatives.

According to Khabar Khodro, summer review plan for products of Modiran Khodro is started today in all selected dealerships of this company.

According to Khabar Khodro, the CEO of Bahman Group in fourth meeting of parliamentarians and industrialists of automotive field, which was hold by Khabar Khodro news agency said, "For harmonious development in auto industry we should review the dominant policies and approaches in this industry."

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