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According to Khabar Khodro, the secretary of Iran Automakers’ Association said that dissatisfaction of consumers from some automakers is right and added, “Unfortunately, some automakers do not accomplish their promises on time and deliver vehicles with delays therefore buyers are concerned from the time of buying vehicles until delivering them.”
According to Khabar Khodro, chief of sales and marketing in Saipa Auto Group has announced the start of booking for Pars Khodro Products with special conditions.

According to Khabar Khodro, the CEO of Modiran Khodro after sales services company about the evaluation of after sales services companies by Ministry of Industry,MinesandTrade said, “Considering the evaluation change at this year, the situation would become more difficult for automakers but we are still trying to be active as one of the best product sellers in country with acceptable quality and after sales services.”

According to Khabar Khodro, Iran Khodro Industrial Group has started its diverse plans for production sales in Shahrivar.

According to Khabar Khodro, Yazd Tire Company in 15th International Exhibition of Automobile and Related Industries, which was held last week in Mashhad, has shown its products including bicycle and motorcycle tires and radial steel belted tires.

According to Khabar Khodro, 15th Mashhad International Auto Show was opened in Mordad 26th in a 30000 square meters place.

According to Khabar Khodro, the CEO of Iran Khodro Khorasan told, “According to the policy of this company, only 5 percent of Iran Khodro products would be Chinese.”

According to Khabar Khodro, chief of sales and marketing in Saipa Auto Group has announced the launch of two new vehicles, Saina and Sandero and said, “In next two months, two new vehicles that are called Saina and Sandero would be launched in the market.”

According to Khabar Khodro, Amir Hossein Amiri, chief of sales and marketing in Modiran Khodro Companyhas announced the debut of Tiggo 5 SUV in an event with presence of high officials and activists in auto industry in Mordad 27th at Mashhad international auto show.

According to Khabar Khodro, high officials of Daimler have visited IDEM (Iranian Diesel Engine Manufacturing Company)and visited the company’s managers in order to increase technical cooperation and develop its products’ market in Iran.

According to Khabar Khodro, at the evaluation done by ISQI, Bahman Diesel after sales services’ company has achieved grade two with 69.6 scores.

According to Khabar Khodro, chief of sales division in Bahman Motor Company has announced the launch of Dual Cab Isuzu D-Max truck in second half of Shahrivar and said, “According to determined plans, dual cab Isuzu D-Max would be launched to the market this yearin second half of Shahrivar.”

According to Khabar Khodro, some officials and managers from Daimler have visited VAMCO Company and have talked to officials of this company in order to restart cooperation and develop their market share in Iran.

According to Khabar Khodro, the CEO of Yazd Tire Company has announced that the most important priority and concern of tire industry is achieving technology and said, “Achieving any new technology in tire industry can make it export oriented.”

According to Khabar Khodro, during presence of German political and economic staff in Tehran,member of Parts’ Makers’ Association said, “Iranian craftsmen want bilateraleconomicrelations with European countries and naturally we do not want to be only importers and we are trying to make a business condition for local activists.”

According to Khabar Khodro, chief of Saipa Yadak central workshops has announced the necessity of periodical services for Saipa vehicles in authorized dealerships and central workshops.

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