The opportunities that have been lost as the result of sanctions in auto industry      The bed of growth for committed individuals should be prepared more than before      The strategy of saturating spare parts' market is the guideline of Modiran Khodro After Sales Services Company      Automakers are trying to satisfy local costumers      Quality indicators of global automakers is the guideline of Iran Khodro      Inspecting and monitoring the activity of network would improve the quality of services      70 percent satisfaction of costumers for services of Modiran Khodro in Now Rouz 94      Zamyad cargo truck launched in Bishkek      Continuous presence in Automechanika Shows would result in growth of Saipa brand      7 year development program in Iran Khodro    
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دوشنبه 7 ارديبهشت 1394  -   6:12:59 AM





According to Khabar Khodro, board member of Parliament said, "Sanctions have resulted in paying more attention to abilities that previously were not seen in auto industry. In addition, potential abilities and talents were found with preparing conditions and with removing sanctions it will be possible to move a step forward."
According to Khabar Khodro, the meeting of quality managers in Iran Khodro Industrial Group was hold with the goal of discussing the quality approaches and strategies in new year and using current power and potential for achieving competitive goals.

According to Khabar Khodro, director of network and relief inspection in Saipa after sales services company said, "Applying inspecting and monitoring plans for activities of network and first responders in Now Rouz holidays improves the quality of services."

According to Khabar Khodro, according to the polls, the satisfaction of costumers for emergency services of Modiran Khodro after sales services company in Now Rouz 94 was more than 70 percent.

According to Khabar Khodro, the show of launching Zamyad cargo truck was hold in the capital of Kyrgyzstan with efforts of some Iranian investors.

According to Khabar Khodro, the CEO of Saipa Yadak has announced that interaction and cooperation with other companies is essential and said, "We should use opportunities efficiently."

According to Khabar Khodro, the secretary of Iran Automakers' Association confirmed that increasing cars' prices in this year is imminent and said, "Considering price increase of effective factors in vehicles' production it is expected that we would have 10 percent increase in cars' prices for this year."

According to Khabar Khodro, board member of Parts Makers' Association said, "If nuclear talks are finalized the cooperation process of Iranian parts makers and automakers with international companies would become easier."

According to Khabar Khodro, assistant director of planning in Pars Khodro announced the 82 percent production increase of this company in year 93 along with the news of starting mass production of new products for this year.

According to Khabar Khodro, the event of starting working year in Iran Khodro Diesel was hold with presence of officials and employees of this company.

According to Khabar Khodro, engineer Madani, the CEO of Saipa Auto Group has started business year of 1394 for Saipa Auto Group with being present in costumer call center and talking with costumers.

According to Khabar Khodro, according to the report of Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Company (ISQI), dual cab gasoline truck of Iran Khodro Diesel is placed in first place of quality list of trucks as is known as highest quality truck in country.

According to Khabar Khodro, first Persis (H230) car was produced in Saipa in line with the product development program of this company.

According to Khabar Khodro, Pars Khodro Company has been introduced as the top safety committee in whole country in the Conference of 2525 Technical Protection and Work Health Committee.

According to Khabar Khodro, the meeting of sales and after sales services dealerships of Saipa Auto Group was hold with presence of Saipa CEO , member of Commission in Parliament, Board members and senior vice presidents and officials of sales and after sales services dealerships.

According to Khabar Khodro, deputy of sales and after sales services in Zamyad has announced the possibility of increasing price of diesel pickup along with explaining company's plans for next year.

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