Replacement to the blue Nissan (Padra) reaches roads      Producing a gasoline pickup truck with highest quality in Iran Khodro Diesel      First Persis was rolled out of production line in Saipa      The highest quality company became the safest company in country      Iranian platform would be built with cooperation of foreign advisors and local parts makers by year 95      Designing two new platforms in Saipa Auto Group      Anticipated increase in the price of diesel pickup by next year      Forming quality team in Iran Khodro      Monitoring the negotiations of Iran and 5+1 by auto industry of Iran and world      Reduction of prices of consumable parts in free winter review of Rena after sales services company for Dahe Fajr    
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According to Khabar Khodro, the CEO of Zamyad in a meeting with members of social media mentioned to the problems and difficulties in production and said, "In recent years, stringent standards in safety and fuel consumption have applied in production of vehicles that made some problems for automakers as in one hand, applying those plans needs liquidity and on the other hand, there is no possibility to increase prices of cars."
According to Khabar Khodro, according to the report of Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Company (ISQI), dual cab gasoline truck of Iran Khodro Diesel is placed in first place of quality list of trucks as is known as highest quality truck in country.

According to Khabar Khodro, first Persis (H230) car was produced in Saipa in line with the product development program of this company.

According to Khabar Khodro, Pars Khodro Company has been introduced as the top safety committee in whole country in the Conference of 2525 Technical Protection and Work Health Committee.

According to Khabar Khodro, the meeting of sales and after sales services dealerships of Saipa Auto Group was hold with presence of Saipa CEO , member of Commission in Parliament, Board members and senior vice presidents and officials of sales and after sales services dealerships.

According to Khabar Khodro, deputy of sales and after sales services in Zamyad has announced the possibility of increasing price of diesel pickup along with explaining company's plans for next year.

According to Khabar Khodro, quality vice president in Iran Khodro has announced the 7 year comprehensive quality plan in Iran Khodro and said, "According to this plan, the goal of Iran Khodro is to produce and launch vehicles to costumers without deficiency and paying more attention to exports and offering competitive products in global markets."

According to Khabar Khodro, Iran auto industry in recent three years was successful in its activities despite increasing sanctions but there is no doubt that existing sanctions have effected many plans and activities of automakers and parts makers in country.

According to Khabar Khodro, deputy of Rena after sales services company mentioned to the free winter review of Saipa Diesel products and told, “The plan of free review of Saipa Diesel products starts form Bahman 22nd until Esfand 14th in authorized dealerships of Rena after sales services company.”

According to Khabar Khodro, chief of sales and marketing in Saipa Yadak has announced the plan for especial sales of spare parts of Saipa products in Saipa Yadak's central store.

According to Khabar Khodro, Keshavarzian, the deputy of Secretary of Transportation and chief of Toll and Transportation Organization in Country has visited van products of Zamyad in order to select them for public transportation and evaluated them as good products.

According to Khabar Khodro, member of board of managers in Iran Tire Industry Association mentioned to the necessity of increasing the tariff of importing tire and said, "There have been made no changes in the tariff amount of importing tire but we expect that it will increase soon considering the necessity of supporting local production."

According to Khabar Khodro, after sales services company of Saipa (Saipa Yadak) as the only after sales services company in auto industry has achieved crystal statue of National Productivity and Organizational Excellence Award for the second consecutive year and with score growth compared to last year.

According to Khabar Khodro, in first 10 months of this year, production in Pars Khodro has increased 85 percent.

According to Khabar Khodro, ever since its arrival back in 1988, the Suzuki Vitara series has earned acclaim for its compact, city-oriented dimensions and genuine off-road capability. The series has evolved through changes in body size and powertrain and now, more than 25 years after the original model’s debut, the all-new Vitara is set to hit the showrooms across Europe.

According to Khabar Khodro, Volvo is close to putting driverless cars into the hands of real consumers.

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