Drivers Often Confused By Vehicle Assist, Safety Systems
According to khabarkhodro, CR has a new guidance that should help automakers make easier-to-understand systems.
TOGG Debuts The First EV Built In Turkey
According to khabarkhodro, The first prototype was presented at the facility where it will be produced.
Proposed EV Tax Credit Has Requirements That Could Be Tough To Meet
According to khabarkhodro, A $7,500 credit for new EVs might return, but only for vehicles with materials sourced from the US or preferred trade partners.
Could We Soon Be Seeing Electric Bicycles From Rivian?
According to khabarkhodro, Chris Yu, former CTO at Specialized, has joined Rivian’s development team.
Kia EV6 Wholesale Shipments Steady At 7,000+/Month In May 2022
According to khabarkhodro, Over 35,000 units were produced so far this year, so 80,000+ is possible in 2022.
Ford Builds A Robot To Help Disabled Assembly Line Workers
According to khabarkhodro, Following an 18-month trial, Robbie the "cobot" is now a permanent member of Ford's staff.
2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV To Be Available In New Redline Edition
According to khabarkhodro,GM will start production of the 2023 Bolt EUV this summer, with the Redline Edition appearance package as a new option.
Company In UK Invites 10-Year-Old Kids To Drive Supercars On Track
According to khabarkhodro,TrackDays, a company that offers various track experiences in the UK and Europe, has announced a pair of supercars available for its Junior Driver program. Now, 10- to 17-year-old kids in the UK has the chance to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini even before they get their driver's license.
Tesla Officially Enters Turkish Market
According to khabarkhodro,The EV automaker is expanding its European operations.
Which EVs Are Most Anticipated And Desired According To Google?
according to khabarkhodro,The Tesla Roadster is the most anticipated EV based on Google search data, just ahead of the Tesla Cybertruck.
2023 Kia Borrego Launched In Korea As Revised Mohave Body-On-Frame SUV
According to khabarkhodro,It loses the distinctive badge to adopt Kia's new logo.
Rolls-Royce Phantom Facelift Makes Spy Photo Debut In Two-Tone Style
According to khabarkhodro,If it hadn't been for the covered badges, we would've mistaken it for a Dacia Sandero.
UK: Poll Results Show Most EV Drivers Would Not Go Back To Diesel/Gas
According to khabarkhodro,Nine in 10 drivers say they are "extremely happy" with their electric or plug-in hybrid car.
Mansory Modifies Rolls-Royce Cullinan To Create Special Model For UAE
According to khabarkhodro,A lot of the trim has a finish that's reminiscent of stone slabs.
Tesla Says It Will Remove Gaming On The Move After NHTSA Probe
According to khabarkhodro,The NHTSA recently announced it was launching an investigation that concerned some 580,000 that had this gaming feature.
BMW iX M60 And Rolls-Royce Spectre Could Share The Drivetrain
According to khabarkhodro,The RR EV won't be based on a BMW platform, though.
2022 Mazda CX-9 Arrives With Standard AWD, $35,280 Starting Price
According to khabarkhodro,Going on sale this winter.
Cadillac Escalade IQ Trademark Filing Could Hint To EV Version
According to khabarkhodro,It was just recently filed, further strengthening a related report from last year.
Cadillac Has Nearly 40 Percent Fewer Dealers Than It Had In 2018
According to khabarkhodro,Dealers didn’t want to invest in offering EVs.
Volvo Gives XC40 Recharge The Most Imperceptible Facelift Ever
According to khabarkhodro,Seriously, tell us if you can spot what the Swedish manufacturer has changed with the facelift.
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